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Welcome to the Health Humanities Podcast!

This new podcast makes the Health Humanities Journal more accessible, featuring readings of the pieces published in the print issue and interviews with the authors and artists to discuss their creative process and their experiences in the field of the health humanities. Also available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, and the Podbean app. New episodes released weekly! Check back in the new semester for interviews with our Fall 2020 contributors.

Cover art by Alice Peng. Music “Oxygen Mask” and “A Perceptible Shift” by Andy G. Cohen, released under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.

Episode 1: “Attempting to Manage Mental Illness” and “Susan Myers, Room 211” with Rachel Carney

Episode 2: “Dissecting Your Dad” with Katie Danis

Episode 3: “Scenes from a County Health Department” with Lucas Thornton

Episode 4: “Learning to Forget” with Katie Regittko

Episode 5: “I Wish She’d Stop Pacing the Hallway; She Makes Me Anxious” with Grace Sword

Episode 6: “Flatline” with Diepreye Amanah

Episode 7: “Thank You” with Clare Landis

Episode 8: “Resin” with Hazel Milla

Episode 9: “Wrinkles” with Ben Ashby

Episode 10: “Cultural Burial as a Human Right Consideration within the Ebola Response and Beyond” with Mary Glenn Krause